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Base Airlines operates flights Pori-Helsinki-Pori and flights Savonlinna-Helsinki-Savonlinna.

You can order your boarding pass to your email if you have purchased your ticket from Finnair or a travel agent and your flight number starts with the code W2 in your ticket. This service opens 36 hours before the flight departs.

Boarding Pass for route

Boarding Pass for route

At the Helsinki airport we operate at the Bag Drop counter number 419.

In case you do not have any baggage to be checked in, you can go directly to the security control and departure gate without visiting the Bag Drop counter.

If you arrive to the Helsinki Airport on a flight without checked baggage or your baggage has been checked thru, you can go directly to the departure gate. In this case you do not need to leave the departure area!

The departure gates vary and you can conveniently check the correct gate from terminal monitors after the security control or from this link; Departing flights at Helsinki Airport.

Please make sure that you are at the gate at the latest 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Charter flights for groups:

Air cargo: Groundpower

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Customer Service: 0600-92099 (1,93€/min + local network charge (landline phones) or the mobile phone charge)